“Na Lato” Restaurant



"Na Lato" Restaurant

In the prestigious "Na Lato" restaurant located in the center of Warsaw, which in the evenings turns into an exclusive club, we designed and implemented multimedia LED lighting. Digital LED lighting consists of over 5,000 individual and fully managed RGBW pixels. Lighting was delivered and installed on previously prepared acoustic ceiling panels, which act as acoustic diffusers. The panels have been designed in such a way that the quality of music in the room is very high, and the sound itself remains "alive". We chose the proven professional solution from the Madrix company as the control unit. Lighting control has been fully adapted to customer requirements. Lighting can work automatically based on previously prepared editable schedule or you can choose the appropriate light scene from the customized application on the iPad. In addition, RGBW LED lighting can be connected to a DJ’s mixer that will take control of multimedia lights. The system has been equipped with external microphones that listen to and adapt the lights to the music being played, making the lights "dance" to the music.