Beksiński Multimedia Experience at the Historical Museum in Sanok



Beksiński Multimedia Exhibition

On behalf of the Zdzisław Beksiński Foundation, a foundation promoting the memory of the legendary Artist who created incredible, highly regarded works around the world, we designed and created a multimedia museum located in Sanok. We have equipped the Historical Museum with frame projection screens, which after joining gave us one large curved projection surface of 21x2m. For the projection we used 6 bright ultra-short Optoma Full HD projectors and 6 miniature and very efficient BrightSign players. Video presentations starts automatically at pre-set times. The whole is complemented by Extron ceiling sound system with energy-saving power amplifiers and audio mixers. An additional advantage is the ability to control projectors, sound system and players from a custom smartphone application, from which you can edit the hours of the displayed performances and start manually the performance at any time.