One of the most important elements of the audiovisual presentation system is the suitably adapted room projection system. Our solutions are based on the world-class products and technology provided by our partners. Among them devices are designed to display images from multimedia projectors, projection screens, video walls, interactive whiteboards and flipcharts, and to professional systems based on advanced media servers. The complete range of accessories is complemented by accessories such as electric lifts and projector and monitor mounts.


The sound system in all kinds of conference halls, auditoriums, galleries, cinema halls, museums, restaurants, clubs, etc. is an important aspect to ensure a comfortable listening experience and delivered content. Thanks to the best brands and wide assortment we offer unique sound, delivering both conference and concert fixtures, such as ceiling, wall and stand alone speakers. Thanks to acoustic simulations we will choose the best system adapted to the specific requirements and volume of the room. Our portfolio is complemented by a wide range of vocal, presentation and goose neck microphones.


Control systems integrate the simplicity of operation and the ability to manage multiple devices, controlling even the most complex AV systems. The control interface is individually prepared for a given project using wall, table, or tablet touch panels, or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Our offer includes a wide range of keypads, pushbuttons with any button imprint that can themselves be the controller for less demanding rooms. It is possible to integrate with other systems, ie lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and BMS.


Thanks to the videoconferencing and teleconference system, up to 80% of travel expenses can be reduced, minimizing expenses and saving valuable staff time. It is a reliable tool for everyday contact, equivalent to many companies as telephone or email. The distance between the participants and the hours spent on the journey no longer matter. In a very short period of time, the return on investments invested in a professional videoconferencing system takes place. In our offer are terminals and video conferencing applications supplemented by the full infrastructure of the VC system.


The reservation system is an intuitive solution with market-leading calendars such as Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, NFS, G Suite, Micros, Scientia and scheduling systems used in the corporate, educational and hospitality industries. It allows you to manage space and conference resources in a simple and hassle-free manner. The system provides a flexible form of room service, and the user has the option of booking rooms from his or her communication program from a laptop, mobile device, or directly from the touch panel in front of the room. It is possible to combine panels for Digital Signage system.


Digital Signage is used in many objects where it is important to convey quickly and easily digital content and messages. It features simplicity in operation and the ability to remote and central control of the information monitors network. It is used in hotels and convention centers, airports, train stations, galleries, service centers of all kinds. In our offer are simple systems, consisting of a single monitor and a player, to very expanded systems with the ability to connect to several thousands of such monitors. We use LCD monitors, LEDs, touchscreens, projectors, LED boards and holographic systems for this purpose.


The idea of the hot-desking system is shared desks – temporary work places. Employees, entering the office, choose any desk. The system helps companies make better use of space by reducing the number of unused desks. Hot-desking systems will be used to manage such space. The range of functionalities is wide, ranging from a simple to use application for the smartphone, through preview monitors and interactive kiosks visualizing the map of the office, and ending with touch panels placed on desks, glowing green and red. The system is completed by presence detectors used to measure employee utilization.


Discussion systems are installed in prestigious conference rooms and congressional conferences, enabling participants to express themselves in a convenient manner. Discussion panels are exposed directly to the participants, so the look and quality of the desktop is important, as it becomes an integral part of the room. The default configuration of each system provides for a single privileged desktop, by which the meeting manager can give or receive voice to the speaker. It is possible to connect the discussion system to the simultaneous apparatus and the conference sound system.


We are a manufacturer of custom scenic-architectural lighting, based on digital RGBW LEDs. Our design team develops and prepares the concept and then implements it. We are able to produce “living” lighting. Imagine a ceiling in a club strewn with a thousand pixels, and each pixel can be managed independently and give it the right color. We are able to create a flowing wave that perfectly matches the music. When we place each pixel in the milk ball, and the ball is mounted on a cable and equipped with a miniature winch we will get moving light constructions, called Kinetic lighting.


Our team of designers and professionals are ready to take on almost any task that requires creativity and something innovative, something that does not yet exist, or is not in mass sale. We design and manufacture a variety of electronic devices, from simple integrated circuits, through automation systems, to advanced control systems, mobile illumination constructions and 3D holograms. In combination with projection, sound and control systems we are able to create multimedia works of art, unique in its kind.