NATO – Smart Paging System



2016 Warsaw Summit NATO

At the request of the President of the Republic of Poland, a team of specialists from AV Next designed and produced the original concept of the Smart Paging System (SPS) at the NATO Summit, which took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw in 2016. It was the 27th formal meeting of heads of state and government heads of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Chimeca company and included 40 elegant backlit LED buttons. SPS was based on a very stable industrial solution. The system was installed in a room in which all heads of State were present. Using the button, the Presidents could summon the assistants staying in the next room in a simple and effective way. On the LCD screen in the assistant's room was displayed a message with the name of your assigned to the button and the time of the notification. Specification: Fully configurable message content, Ethernet communication, case made of one piece of aluminum, LED backlight, queuing, HDMI video (720p).