PRIDE OF POLAND: innovative Electronic Auction System



Pride of Poland 2017

In cooperation with the Poznań International Fair, we designed and produced an innovative electronic auction system (EAS). The system was created for one of the largest horse auctions in the world Pride of Poland 2017 - Arabian Horse Festival held at the Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski. During the 200th anniversary of the Stud's existence, a two-day auction was carried out with the help of 73 electronic terminals. Terminal equipped with an RFID card reader indicating the user's login status. Each card has a unique identification number and is assigned to a specific person. The heart of the system was an extremely stable solution coming from the industrial market. Auctioneer's interface: displaying the status of individual terminals. Information about the auction auctions, the last auction submitted, the status of the auction. Operator's interface: the ability to open and close auctions, enter quotas and auction titles, display messages. Access to the operator's and auctioneer's interface through a dedicated application available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Verification of the order of entries by comparing the button time to 0.0001 sec. Generating a report containing the history of the auction to the *.csv log file. Screen with results table prepared for keying the background with a dedicated HDMI output. We are in News, check the following link: